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 6月3晚上20:00,七彩研究院与Lexit以主题《Lexit一键铸造自己专属的NFT作品》在七彩研究院直播间进行干货分享。主持人:七彩研究院雪糕,分享嘉宾:AMIR KALTAK CEO&Founder LEXIT。



七彩研究院雪糕:各位小伙伴们晚上好,我是今晚直播间的主持人,感谢七彩研究院的各位小伙伴们能够准时和我们相约,让我们欢迎来自Lexit的嘉宾AMIR KALTAK做客七彩研究院,让我们进入今天的AMA主题活动。

Caroline:Today we are honored to have Lexit CEO&Founder AMIR KALTAK as guests at our Qicai Research community. Let's enter into today's AMA theme activities.

Q1、Caroline:To start off this AMA let's give the audience a brief description of what LEXIT is ?


A1、AMIR KALTAK:LEXIT is a full service #NFT & DeFi platform that tokenizes, launches and enables trading of intellectual property rights from Arts and Inventions. The platform will allow anyone who owns the copyrights to art, movies, TV Shows, characters, patents and technical inventions or Collectibles to mint and launch NFTs and have these immediately in liquidity on the integrated LEXIT DeFi Pools.

- LEXIT brings NFTs to DeFi by offering a decentralized finance platform where users can submit their intellectual property and mint tokenized NFT versions of their artwork, music, etc. These NFTs will then be launched through the LEXIT NFT Launchpad to the general public.

-  Newly minted NFTs will be promoted as an initial NFT offering through LEXIT’s NFT Launchpad. The NFTs will then be available for direct purchase or added by LEXIT pool Managers to various DeFi pools on the platform.

-  Anyone owning intellectual property rights (IPR) to their artwork, music, film/videos, inventions, etc. may submit a listing for approval on the platform free of charge. If approved, the IPR enters the NFT Launchpad as an NFT client.

-  The NFT offering will be available on the NFT client’s scheduled launch day to pre-subscribed LEXIT platform users who must perform social media tasks on behalf of the NFT client to increase the popularity of the offering.

-  LEXIT will also be coming out with its own Protocol, which we are currently far in development with & will call it the LEXNET. The LEXNET is a high performance Blockchain, which is fully compatible with Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain Protocols. First tests predict a Hash-Rate of at least 32000 TPS and further scalability.

A1、嘉宾:LEXIT是一个全方位服务的NFT&DeFi平台,用于标记、发布和实现艺术和发明的知识产权交易。该平台将允许任何拥有艺术、电影、电视节目、人物、专利和技术发明或收藏品版权的人创造和推出NFT,并立即在综合LEXIT DeFi池中流动。

-LEXIT通过提供一个分散的金融平台将NFT引入DeFi,用户可以在这个平台上提交他们的知识产权和他们的艺术品、音乐等的造币标记NFT版本。然后这些NFT将通过LEXIT NFT Launchpad向公众发布。

-新制造的NFT将通过LEXIT的NFT Launchpad作为初始NFT产品进行推广。NFT将可直接购买或由LEXIT池管理器添加到平台上的各种DeFi池中。




Q2、Caroline:Who is the team behind LEXIT ? and what is their experience ?


A2、AMIR KALTAK:LEXIT AG is a Swiss Corporation with an impressive management team bringing many years of blockchain, software, business development and finance industry leadership experience to the project. LEXIT has 3 Founders.

LEXIT was founded by Amir Kaltak (Founder, CEO), Katia Zaitsev (Co-Founder, CBO) and Frederik Prins (Co-Founder, COO). LEXIT started as a project back in 2016 where Amir was trying to monetize on his IPR from tech he created to fund a new idea. He then immediately realized that there is no such place where he can do that, that was when the idea of LEXIT was born.

He instantly thought - what if it were possible to tokenize IPR and make it widely available via a Blockchain ? The idea grew & evolved into the next logical step - a protocol that had the needed performance and flexibility, our LEXNET is the result. Now all that was great but it would be even better if our user could easily access liquidity and so Ferhat (CTO), Frederik and Katia worked hard to figure out how it could be possible, the LEXIT DeFi Liquidity Pools were born. This is us, an powerful NFT Launchpad with integrated DeFi Liquidity on a novel LEXNET Protocol.

Amir is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience who began coding at 7 years old. Katia specializes in Business development, Growth in Revenue, Corporate partnerships - with vast experience in growing revenue & developing businesses across various industries. Fredrik is in charge of Operations with vast experience in Banking & executive recruiting. While Ferhat, our CTO is a full-stack crypto Developer who began Bitcoin mining in Europe. One of the first.

A2、嘉宾:LEXIT AG是一家瑞士公司,拥有令人印象深刻的管理团队,为该项目带来了多年的区块链、软件、业务开发和金融行业领导经验。LEXIT有3位创始人。

LEXIT由Amir Kaltak(创始人兼首席执行官)、Katia Zaitsev(联合创始人兼首席运营官)和Frederik Prins(联合创始人兼首席运营官)创立。LEXIT早在2016年就开始了一个项目,Amir正试图从他创造的技术中获得知识产权,为一个新想法提供资金。然后他立刻意识到,没有一个地方能让他做到这一点,那就是LEXIT的概念诞生的时候。

他立刻想到是否有可能通过区块链将IPR标记化并使其广泛可用呢?这个想法发展并演变成下一个逻辑步骤——一个具有所需性能和灵活性的协议,我们的LEXNET就是结果。现在这一切都很好,但如果我们的用户能够轻松获得流动性,那就更好了,于是Ferhat(首席技术官)、Frederik和Katia努力研究如何实现这一点,LEXIT DeFi流动性池就诞生了。这就是我们,一个强大的NFT启动平台,在一个新的LEXNET协议上集成了DeFi流动性。

Amir是一位连续创业者,拥有25年以上的工作经验,从7岁开始编写代码。Katia专注于业务发展、收入增长、企业合作关系——在不同行业的收入增长和业务发展方面拥有丰富的经验。Fredrik在银行和高管招聘方面拥有丰富的经验,负责运营。而我们的CTO Ferhat是一个全栈加密开发人员,他首先在欧洲开始比特币开采。

Q3、Caroline:How is it different from other NFT launchpad platforms?


A3、AMIR KALTAK:The journey begins with an Artist or Inventor creating an NFT via our LEXIT platform; and it continues with their NFT being offered on our NFT launchpad to everyone who wishes to participate. While simultaneously supporting the Artist or Inventor, our users are obtaining NFTs that could be of great benefit to themselves. We take a different approach from other NFT platforms who approach minting NFTs as a ‘mint and done’ process, without the support or community. Our launchpad flips this on its head, giving artists and inventors an ideal, public, promoted platform to get their work seen by as wide an audience as possible. We also benefit from a deeply hands-on team that is passionate about the DeFi and NFT space as a whole, and deeply motivated to make the entire sector thrive as a whole, spearheaded by the progressive and innovative lead of LEXIT. The power of LEXIT is that the new NFTs are immediately available on the LEXIT DeFi Liquidity Pools. The NFT client has not to provide Liquidity to make the NFT available for trading. Furthermore only on LEXIT many people will be enabled to participate on a single NFT being launched. LEXIT is the best combination of NFT&DeFi Liquidity.

A3、嘉宾:旅程始于艺术家或发明家通过我们的LEXIT平台创建NFT;并且继续在我们的 NFT 启动平台上向希望参与的每个人提供他们的NFT。在支持艺术家或发明家的同时,我们的用户正在获得可能对他们自己有很大好处的NFT。我们采取与其他NFT平台不同的方法,后者将NFT的铸造视为“铸造完成”的过程,没有支持或社区。我们的启动平台颠覆了这一点,为艺术家和发明家提供了一个理想的、公开的、推广的平台,让尽可能多的观众看到他们的作品。我们还受益于一个深入实践的团队,该团队对整个DeFi和NFT领域充满热情,并在LEXIT不断进取和创新的领导下,积极推动整个行业蓬勃发展。LEXIT的强大之处在于,新的NFT可立即在LEXIT DeFi流动性池中使用。NFT客户无需提供流动性以使NFT可用于交易。此外,只有在LEXIT上,许多人才能参与正在启动的单个NFT。LEXIT是NFT和DeFi流动性的最佳组合。

Q4、Caroline:A:Why would artists looking to create NFTs use the LEXIT platform? B. How does this relate to DeFi liquidity?



A. Artists are heavily incentivized to mint their NFTs through LEXIT for a wide span of reasons; from our world-class hands-on team and developers who truly understand what consumers want and need from an NFT launchpad, to innovative products and services which don’t just ‘flow’ with the NFT trend, they actively work to revolutionize and develop the NFT sector in its entirety. LEXIT’s approach to intellectual property control via NFTs is exactly that, an innovative use case that pushes the boundaries of NFT technology and its real-world impact for millions of creatives around the world. On-chain verifiable intellectual property, in the form of NFTs, will revolutionize multiple previously unconnected sectors and funnel intense attention to LEXIT. The launchpad will provide continual exposure and support to artists, combined with our active and thriving Telegram and social media communities, providing our creators one of the healthiest, most incentivized platforms to mint on in DeFi.

B. An NFT is not a replaceable thing - there is 1, we are unique, just one specific item in the world:

- If you are selling NFTs, you have one item (or a collection of single items)

- If you are making one, wholly individualized, how can you make it tradable?

-  What we are going to do in order to provide liquidity, is to sell its work or give access to that work. We are factoring that NFT - that specific item - into many other pieces, and these parts of the NFT are also tokens that we will then offer on the launchpad. Fractionalized NFTs to provide liquidity in DeFi. Yes - there is only 1 ‘whole’ NFT that exists, but in terms of access, there will be many segments or pieces that allow partial ownership to be achievable by more people than previously possible. But in reality it's still one whole NFT - but it can be owned by multiple parties, allowing for greater decentralization.

-  Now that we can give more access to more people to one specific NFT, we can use this to create liquidity pools and make it tradable to a wider audience.

A4、嘉宾:A.出于各种原因,艺术家被强烈鼓励通过LEXIT铸造他们的NFT;从我们世界一流的实践团队和开发人员,他们真正了解消费者对启动NFT的需求和需求,再到不只是随NFT趋势“流动”的创新产品和服务,他们积极致力于革新和开发整个NFT部门。 LEXIT通过NFT控制知识产权的方法正是这样一种创新用例,它推动了NFT技术的界限及其对全球数百万创意者的现实影响。NFT形式的链上可验证知识产权将彻底改变以前未连接的多个部门,并将注意力集中在LEXIT上。启动板将为艺术家提供持续的曝光和支持,结合我们活跃且蓬勃发展的Telegram和社交媒体社区,为我们的创作者提供最健康、最有动力的DeFi平台之一。

B. NFT不是可替换的东西——我们是独一无二的,世界上只有一个特定的项目:

- 如果您销售NFT,则您有一个商品(或单个商品的集合)

- 如果您正在制作一个完全个性化的产品,您如何使其可交易?

- 为了提供流动性,我们要做的是出售其作品或提供该作品的使用权。我们正在将NFT(特定项目)分解为许多其他部分,NFT的这些部分也是我们将在启动板上提供的代币。细分NFT以在DeFi中提供流动性。是的,只有1个“完整”的NFT存在,在访问方面,将有许多部分或部分允许比以前更多的人实现部分所有权。但实际上它仍然是一个完整的 NFT——但它可以由多方拥有,从而实现更大的去中心化。

- 现在我们可以让更多人接触到一个特定的NFT,我们可以使用它来创建流动性池并使其可交易给更广泛的受众。

Q5、Caroline:Merging an NFT Launchpad with DeFi liquidity provisions is unique - has this ever been done before, and why should people be excited for this?


A5、AMIR KALTAK: So far no one has done that before, since most NFT launchpads are focusing on single NFTs on a single item, and do not have the ability to split an NFT and furthermore to enter liquidity pools on their own platform. We merge these two worlds together and allow our supporters to do the previously impossible, pushing the boundaries of both NFTs and DeFi.

- We are very unique; LEXIT itself is just like an NFT-individual, unique, irreplaceable and here forever.


- 我们是非常独特的;LEXIT本身就像一个NFT个体,独一无二,不可替代,永远存在。

Q6、Caroline:What problem does LEXIT’s platform aim to help solve in the NFT and DeFi sector?


A6、AMIR KALTAK: - Currently, DeFi and NFTs are almost treated as two entirely different sectors, and kept apart accordingly. With LEXIT, the opportunity for the merger of these two technology bases couldn’t possibly be stronger! We’re uniting the structure and decentralization of core DeFi operations with the creativity and on-chain verifiable nature of NFTs, all into one powerful, consumer-facing project. LEXIT. We’re taking aim at the world of intellectual property, a world that affects many millions of creatives around the world, and providing a blockchain solution with easy and scalable user experiences and user interfaces to manage their intellectual property and creative output. This is a multi-hundred million dollar industry, encroaching billions, and affects music, film, television, writing, classical art and contemporary, modern art. The bounds of our reach is limitless, and the scale we will grow as a project is equally limitless as humans continue to create and innovate.

-NFT success stories are currently driven by celebrities, people who are well off. We would like to open this opportunity to anybody and everybody with true talent, levelling the playing field for all participants and shining a well-deserved light on some of the hidden talent in the world, talent that would previously go unnoticed or bumped down the priority queue behind a rapper’s NFT or controversial news. With LEXIT, everyone is equal, and everyone has a fair shot at success.

- Furthermore, LEXIT ensures that once out there, the artists’ NFT becomes a sought after item to be traded and to create value over time within our DeFi pools - it’s not a one-time process like other platforms; with LEXIT, our creatives have multiple chances of getting their work seen by the right people at the right time.



- 此外,LEXIT确保一旦出现,艺术家的NFT就会成为一种抢手的项目,可以在我们的 DeFi池中进行交易并随着时间的推移创造价值——这不像其他平台那样是一次性的;有了LEXIT,我们的创意人员就有很多机会在合适的时间让合适的人看到他们的作品。

Q7、Caroline:A. What is the purpose of the LEXi coin and how can it be earned? B. Will the use cases expand throughout the future?


A7、AMIR KALTAK: - A. The purpose of the LEXi coin is primarily to create awareness to people coming to the LEXIT ecosystem - everything is powered by this coin, so to understand LEXIT, you start with the LEXi coin. The practical purpose is that you will need LEXi coin to participate on LEXIT, almost like a central enabler to all our products and services. As for how it can be earned? LEXi can be earned with upcoming staking programs or by participating in our DeFi liquidity pools, as a form of reward for participation.

-   Later, once our protocol LEXNET is fully operational - LEXi coins can be earned through operating a node within our blockchain for transactions. These are the 3 ways you can earn LEXi coins.

A7、嘉宾:- A. LEXi代币的目的主要是让人们了解LEXIT生态系统,一切都由该代币提供动力,因此要了解LEXIT,您可以从LEXi代币开始。实际目的是您需要LEXi币才能参与 LEXIT,这几乎就像是我们所有产品和服务的核心推动者。至于怎么赚取,LEXi可以通过即将推出的Staking计划或通过参与我们的DeFi流动性池来赚取,作为参与的一种奖励形式。

- 一旦我们的LEXNET协议完全运行,可以通过在我们的区块链中运行节点进行交易来赚取LEXi代币。这就是您赚取LEXi代币的3种方式。

Q8、Caroline:What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project ?


A8、AMIR KALTAK: We plan on using multiple resources. Everything from influencers to community contests and strategic partnerships. The main goal is to cultivate a genuine community with unique engagement. There are no shortcuts with this, we understand marketing is equally as important to a project as fantastic technology and this is a focal point for the entire team.


Q9、Caroline:A. What are your upcoming plans and initiatives? B. Outline what’s coming next month, within the next 6 months, and after a year and beyond.


A9、AMIR KALTAK: Well has LEXIT launched on Binance Smart Chain BSCpad on May 26th, 2021. Sold out in 45 seconds and had a 5 x over subscriptions. LEXi Coin has become available for trading on Pancake swap and on BitMart on May 28th. Soon after, we plan to list LEXi Coin on two other Top 5 exchanges.

LEXIT plans to launch its NFT/DeFi platform during Q3 2021 and have it operational by the beginning of Q4 the latest. During this time, we will open the LEXNET TestNet. We expect LEXNET MainNet to be live in Q1 2022 and soon after put it open source for everyone to use.

We are on schedule for all these timelines with the expectation to beat the timeline above.

LEXIT is just getting started and rolling out an intensive programme of announcements, partnerships, developments and more, including increasing brand awareness, and closing interesting partners moving forwards (such as our partnership with Toazted). As fun as an IDO launch is, we’re just excited to hit the ground running and move forwards with a post-launch roadmap that allows LEXIT to well and truly thrive. Once that’s achieved, our next immediate target is the launch of LEXNET.

To expand on our Toazted partnership, Toazted Media BV and LEXIT AG have signed a partnership agreement, where LEXIT will explore tokenizing the footage and interview assets of Toazted within their archive. Paul van fed Vlist, CEO of Toazted, said: “NFTs will have a big influence in the future of the music industry; as Toazted it’s crucial to gain knowledge in this field. LEXIT has been a reliable partner over the years, so it’s only logical to come together on this exciting new development.” Toazted is an interview archive, hosting thousands of audio and video interviews with the music starts people most launch. Part of the Toazted portfolio can be seen on youtube, VEVO, Apple TV, and many other platforms. Their interviews have been used in many music documentaries such as the Oscar winning Amy Winehouse movie, the Coldplay movie, the Oasis movie, and more.

A9、嘉宾:LEXIT已于2021年5月26日在币安智能链 BSCpad上推出。45 秒内售罄,订阅量增加了 5 倍。LEXi Coin已于5月28日在Pancake Swap和BitMart上交易。不久之后,我们计划在另外两个前 5 名交易所上线LEXi Coin。

LEXIT 计划在2021年第三季度推出其NFT/DeFi平台,并最晚在第四季度初投入运营。在此期间,我们将打开LEXNET测试网。我们预计LEXNET MainNet将在 2022 年第一季度上线,并很快将其开源供所有人使用。


LEXIT才刚刚开始,并推出了一项密集的公告、合作伙伴关系、发展计划等,包括提高品牌知名度,以及有密切兴趣的合作伙伴(例如我们与Toazted的合作伙伴关系)。与 IDO发布一样有趣,我们很高兴能够启动并推进发布后路线图,使LEXIT能够真正蓬勃发展。一旦实现,我们的下一个直接目标就是推出LEXNET。

为了扩大我们的Toazted合作伙伴关系,Toazted Media BV和LEXIT AG签署了一项合作协议,LEXIT将探索在其档案中对Toazted的镜头和采访资产进行标记化。Toazted首席执行官 Paul van Fed Vlist表示:“NFT将对音乐行业的未来产生重大影响;正如Toazted一样,获得该领域的知识至关重要。LEXIT多年来一直是可靠的合作伙伴,因此在这一激动人心的新开发项目上携手合作是合乎逻辑的。”Toazted是一个采访档案,承载着数以千计的音频和视频采访,其中包含人们最常发布的音乐。Toazted产品组合的一部分可以在youtube、VEVO、Apple TV和许多其他平台上看到。他们的采访已被用于许多音乐纪录片,如获得奥斯卡奖的艾米怀恩豪斯电影、酷玩电影、绿洲电影等。

Caroline:OK, thank you very much for sharing project with our community and we all are having a more comprehensive understanding of LEXIT. The next section is Q&A. If you have any questions about LEXIT, please feel free to ask about it.


Q1:Does Lexit have a community development plan? A good project cannot be achieved without the support and development of the community. What is the plan for community development? Is there a community round for tokens?


A1:The community is EVERYTHING to us, we need to grow it and we are growing everday. We do two AMAs in our Telegram every week and many more action.


Q2:Trust and security are very important in any business. What makes investors, customers and users safe and reliable when dealing with projects?


A2:My team and me are working since 2016 on our technology, just google us,you can trust us friends.

A2: 我和我的团队从 2016 年就开始研究我们的技术,只需谷歌查询我们,朋友们可以相信我们。

Q3: Is there an incentive for the Lexit market in the future?


A3:Yes. everyone will need LEXI to buy NFTS and do DEFI on LEXIT.com.


Q4: So what's the plan for the future? What's the next milestone lexit has set for itself? What is your development blueprint for the next few months?


A4:first in a few week we will announce our STAKING of LEXI Coin with HIGH rewards.

A4:几周后,我们将首先宣布以高额奖励质押 LEXI Coin。

Q5: What is the target market for LEXIT? What are your fast-growing plans for users, global markets and partners?


A5:the whole world but with you people we want to wake up Asia to realize how powerful and profitable LEXIT will be soon.

A5:我们的目标是全世界。我们希望与你们一起唤醒亚洲,去感受到 LEXIT 将很快变得多么强大和有利 。

七彩研究院主持人雪糕:由于时间关系,本次AMA即将结束,后续有更多项目信息我们将继续在群内分享。感谢AMIR KALTAK今天的分享,也感谢各位小伙伴们的参加,全程干货满满。